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Thanks to your monthly sponsorships, we welcomed 7 new orphans in March.

As soon as they arrived, they were taken care of by their elders, who took care of their good integration. Then we left a few days later for the beach, and they had an eventful arrival! In the meantime, we still had them vaccinated and medically tested to avoid any risk. In terms of sanitary facilities, you may also remember the water purifier we bought a few years ago. We had to repair it, and we bought another one at the same time. With 23 orphans, 2 water purifiers is not a luxury!

We also provided many books and comics to the children. One of the advantages that we had not anticipated following the opening of the country is the arrival and translation of many classics! So we found Tintin, Roald Dahl, Charles Dickens, Orson Welles, Shakespeare... and many others, all in Burmese, for the happiness of the children.

We made several visits to bookstores in Yangon, including one where we took two children (Samuel and Ruth) to choose books for the others. On the way, we met a Burmese action movie star, a little souvenir photo!

The volunteers also brought back a lot of equipment, including a lot of t-shirts, many board games and toys, books in English!

We also brought back a projector, promising big film sessions for the children! The projector can also be used for classes and conferences, we are very happy about that!

We had already talked about it in another newsletter, but this summer the children received classes every day of the week, throughout March and part of May. As far as English is concerned, Mary's sister-in-law is teaching the younger children, and Mr. James, a qualified teacher, makes the older children interact in English. The children also take music lessons given by several teachers, for piano and guitar.

They also receive computer lessons, given by Peter, a student soon to graduate with a degree in psychology, who obviously wants to get more and more involved in the project. He mainly taught them the basics of typing, but also, more generally, how to handle a computer in a playful way (games, drawings etc.).

At the start of the new school year (early June), the children will continue their English, computer and music lessons on Saturday mornings. But while waiting for the rainy season and the beginning of the courses, there is still a little time left. The children are looking forward to it!

The children are happy, everything is going well in their little Peter Pan kingdom! Thanks to you, without your monthly sponsorships, none of this would be possible! Most of you are aware of this, but it is you who finance this orphanage entirely, there is no other external contribution.

As far as the finances of the association are concerned, occasional donations will make up for the lack of monthly contributions, only until July. To ensure the stability of the project, we must quickly increase the amount received through sponsorships by several hundred euros. Do not hesitate to talk about it around you! Are you slow to set up your sponsorship? There is still time! Are you already a sponsor? A phone call to a friend to tell him about the orphanage you co-finance?

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