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Dear godparents and generous donors, before sharing the orphans' holiday with you, here is a short report on the current situation:

The jackpot in which most of you participated was a success, we were able to take the children on a trip! On the other hand, the birth of about twenty little piglets about ten days before departure prompted us to shorten the stay - they need constant attention! So we took a two-day holiday at the beach, and it was Marine Peloux, one of the volunteers who accompanied the children during this escapade, who will tell you more about it in the next few paragraphs! In the meantime, you should know that we welcomed 7 new orphans, 4 girls and 3 boys. We are now taking care of 23 children! Thanks to your efforts and part of the fund, we have also: enlarged the kitchen and redone its roof, reinforced the girls' dormitory, moved and redone the boys' dormitory. We are currently redoing the old pigsty and finalizing a new building to enlarge it. We will explain all these advances in more detail in a newsletter of several episodes in May.

Your efforts have also allowed us to increase the amount received thanks to sponsorships, from 930€ to 1155€/month, but we are still far from the 2000€/month we need to keep the orphanage alive! Finally, it is not because the economic situation of the association is weakened by the progress made on the spot that the orphans must suffer, they work a lot and had well deserved a little holiday! All the more so as the founding members of the project and occasional donors make it possible to make up - for a time - for the lack of monthly sponsorship. But do not hesitate to support us financially, we need it! Setting up a sponsorship is done in a few clicks, you will find the link at the end of the newsletter.

In the meantime, I let you discover the adventures of our little Burmese orphans at the beach!

Go to Chaung Tha Beach !!!

28 & 29 march 2019

That's it, it's the big start for the beach! The excitement is at its peak!

For all the kids, it's a first to see the sea! They've been dreaming and talking about it for years. We then take advantage of the school holidays to make this sweet dream come true. We thank you, moreover, from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity, without which nothing would have been possible!

The basic project was to go see Inle Lake, but this destination was too far away. We couldn't be away for more than two days because the pigs can't stay unattended.

We then decided to go to Chaung Tha beach, a small town located 8 hours drive from the orphanage, on the Bay of Bengal in the south-western part of Burma.

Thursday, March 28th

We leave at dawn, the 23 children, small bag in the back, get on the bus, accompanied by Mary, their educator and co-founder of the orphanage, Irenaeus the co-founder and three French volunteers. The road is long and not always very smooth, but the journey passes quickly with the atmosphere singing or sleeping!

After nine hours of journey, we arrived at Chaung Tha beach!

We are awaited by a friend of Mary's au pair, Pasteur too. It is here that we will take our meals, and that the children will sleep.

After, a good lunch, we are ready for our first bath, let's go !!!

With the heat of the dry season, we can't wait to jump in the water. We are only a few meters away from this long-awaited moment !

Joseph in full swing !

Juju, too happy with her buoy !

Léa jumps for joy! Rachel shouts: "I'm happy ! "

The sea is warm, the sun is shining, it's Happiness! It's difficult to write down this firework of emotions! We let you imagine the joy of the children, their cries, their laughter, throwing themselves into the waves, splashing, jumping! It was beautiful to see, thank you for this show!

Ruth, Joseph and Rebecca at ease!

Peter, guitar and computer teacher, gets turned into a woman !

Ana, Joseph, Sara, Naomi, Léa, Sylvain, Ruth and Rebecca as stars !

So this first bath ??!

Moise always ready to make us laugh ! A real little clown!

After a beautiful day, we're going to go to the night market. Mary buys a souvenir T-shirt << Chaung Tha beach >> for everyone!

End of the first day. You will receive the summary of the next day in our next newsletter. On the program, elephant ride, floats, tandem... and a lot of joy !

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