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Dear godparents and generous donors, here is some news about the orphans you support!

Our last newsletter is now a few months old, a lot has happened since then! First of all, please know that thanks to your support, we have been able to welcome 3 new orphans!

Obeb, Levi and Jacob had nowhere else to go and we decided to take them in. We also accepted Mary's big sister (our local leader), whose husband has just died. In the Burmese culture, family is very important and it was normal to welcome her among us, on Mary's father's land. She is mourning at the orphanage with her three children. So there are 29 children at the orphanage right now. We had to build new premises, starting with the girls' dormitory, which we are currently finalizing. They used to sleep in the main building, so now they will have their own place! The only thing missing are the walls, which we will install in the coming days.

We have also built gullies to direct the rainwater and to raise the ground. This has worked well and this year for the first time we didn't have any flooding problems during the rainy season!

We also expanded the courtyard at the entrance to the main building, which now serves as a living and study area.

As for the school, Hannah, the eldest of the orphans, who had decided to stop to concentrate on the project, has started a new year of study. She was motivated by the fact that going back to school will be difficult in a few years time. The Burmese school system, which had not evolved for 30 years, is about to start its upgrading in relation to the Asian community ( As a reminder, until today children were learning BY HEART whole books, most of them dating back to the colonial era. By next year, these remnants of the dictatorial system will gradually disappear to make way for a programme that will encourage children to think for themselves, so this is a big step forward.

For the moment, Hannah's return to school is going well, as it is for all the other orphans. Except for Noah, who was expelled for bad behaviour (he tends to tease people!). So he stays at the orphanage during the day and takes advantage of the opportunity to gain experience in computer skills and English.

He may have felt a bit lonely at times, but in a few days it will be the holidays and it's all together that they will be able to enjoy this moment of relaxation. We'll take the opportunity to offer them a picnic day in the place of their choice!

This first part of the newsletter presented the progress in terms of installation and daily life of the children. Next week, we will develop the situation of the pigsty, as well as the prospects for the evolution of the association and a marriage within the orphanage!

07/06/2019 << Newsletter 09/10/2019 >> 18/10/2019