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Dear godparents and generous donors, here is some news about the orphans you support!

Our last newsletter was published in October, so there is a lot to tell! First of all, please know that the Christmas holidays went well. It was an opportunity for the children to practice some choirs! (click on the picture if you want to see the video on youtube).

It was also the occasion for a few volunteers to come by, including Fabien and Children world tour, who offered the children clothes, a nice Christmas meal and a trip to the... Yangon water boom! An amusement park where children had the opportunity to take huge slides, swim, jump, slide, laugh, have fun... It was great!

Fabien and Children World tour then went on their way, but they left a great article about the project. By the way, we can't forget everyone's efforts during the crowdfunding that took place at the same time, to raise funds to buy the land. A tremendous outpouring of solidarity, which even earned us an article in Provence!

For the time being, the funds raised thanks to the crowdfunding have been put aside. We will use them as soon as possible to buy the land, but in Burma, everything takes time! However, this hasn't stopped the orphans and the people in charge on the spot from continuing to develop the project, especially with the financial support of Mary's father, who has been lending us this land for years. They have made extensions to the small permanent house on his land, which will remain for Mary and Adam, while the premises of the orphanage (new dormitories etc.) will be on the land we will buy next door!

While waiting to acquire the land and build the orphanage, Adam will create a healthy environment, which will soon welcome his first child. As a reminder, Mary, the director of the orphanage, married Adam, whom most of you have known for years. She should give birth in the coming days! Adam did much of the work himself, helped by the other elders and young Noah. Noah has been kicked out of school, so he spends most of his time with Adam. Together they improve the existing premises and take care of the garden and the pigsty.

The other children continue to go to school, but the end of the school year is approaching. Some will finish this month, others in March. Their holidays will last until the beginning of June.

We are also in the process of setting up this year's volunteer missions. Two teams of three people, 15 days and 15 days, over the whole month of April. This year, they will mainly be :

- gardening, construction/improvement of premises ...

- computer courses, English, arts and sports ...

Do not hesitate to contact our team to find out more about it.

A little wink to last year's team of volunteers 😉 Waiting to see this year's one!
That's the end of this first part of the newsletter - next week we will discuss the many developments concerning the daily life of the orphans and the staff on site!


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