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Holiday at Chaung Tha Beach!

Friday, March 29th

Here we all are with our new t-shirts, ready for our second day.

We climb the tuck-tuck, many surprises await us!

Arrival towards the elephant camp, we go for a walk on the beach. Mary provides the whole family with palm leaf braided hats.

A zebra made in Burma!

Samuel takes his hat off to you!

Enock and David, a little break for you!

Abel and Aron

Mary and her daughter Juju

The little ones went for a ride, pulled by cows!

The older ones rode on horses!

And the middle-aged went go-karting! Joy!

Then everyone enjoyed a little ride on an elephant!

These animals remain impressive!

After this beautiful and funny morning, we go back for lunch.

In the afternoon, it's back to the beach, full of colors!

Game of football

David, Abel and Aron in tandem!

Dina, Lea and Esther

Joseph, too happy to pedal on his beautiful bike!

Irénée tries to give Sara balance.

Sylvain, Abel and Dina at full speed!

To the boarding!!

And here we are, our holidays are coming to an end, only happiness !!! We go back to the orphanage, our heads full of unforgettable memories ! Thank you again for being part of this daydream !

A little reminder before we leave:

Your efforts have also allowed us to increase the amount received thanks to sponsorships, from 850 € to 1150 €/month, but we are still far from the 2000 €/month we need to keep the orphanage alive ! For approximately three months (until the end of June), the founding members of the project and punctual donors will make up for the lack of monthly sponsorships. Don't hesitate to support us financially, we have a shortfall of 800€/month to fill! Setting up a sponsorship is just a few clicks away, starting with the link below!

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