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Last month, we were able to sell 22 adult pigs, for a profit of about 1000€. The pigsty now contributes to the financing of the orphanage, up to 200€/month. All this is thanks to the efforts of all the orphans, but also and above all to Adam, who manages the vegetable garden and the pigsty.

Adam is one of the first orphans to have arrived at the orphanage, 8 years ago now. He is taking on more and more responsibilities, is undergoing leadership and management training and has just got his driver's license. He has always been the oldest man at the orphanage and has decided to stay there to fully commit himself to the project.

This is also why we are happy to announce to those who have been following us for years, that Adam and Mary have decided to get married! Mary is pregnant, they are very happy about it and so are we!

In France too, we also took the opportunity to celebrate! As most of you know, we still lack sponsors and monthly support. To make up for this, we decided to organize a music festival, over 3 days, where all the profits were donated to the association.

It was a first initiative, and we were only 120 participants, but it worked well and we managed to raise 2200€ while having a party! The model is reproducible, so at least once a year we will hold cultural events to finance the association. By the way, don't hesitate to take such initiatives (rice bowl day for schools, lottery, fundraising, etc.) It will be much easier and more fun than looking for funds in foundations that are reluctant to finance projects in Burma, because the country is still very unstable, and we are not yet official there, neither as an association, nor as an orphanage.

Nevertheless, we are going in this direction, and Irene Deckers, the president of the French association "Aide aux orphelins de Birmanie" will go to Burma for a few months (at his own expense, of course - all your funds always go 100% to the orphans), in order to create a Burmese association, on the spot, to officialize our aid to the government. Irenaeus will take advantage of this opportunity to develop the network of the association (do you have any knowledge of Burma? Put us in contact! He will also take the opportunity to develop the project as a whole, and to find land for the orphanage.

As a reminder, we will only be able to make our orphanage official with the Burmese government, when we have a land of one acre (about 4000m2) and adequate premises. Which is not yet the case! Once officialized, the Burmese government will subsidize the project which will lighten our expenses. But for the moment and for years now, the orphanage is entirely financed by you! We are approaching the end of the year, and it is at this time that many companies are looking for causes that affect them to make donations while benefiting from tax reductions. Last year we were supported by Mamama, Chez emile records, Ece construction, Sas Guigou.

As far as the finances of the association are concerned, your sponsorships bring us a monthly support of 1245€ / month. The pigsty on site brings 200€ / month. We are therefore at 1445€ per month. The orphanage needs 2000€ / month to support the orphans, allow them to go to school, receive care, eat a balanced diet, and provide for all their needs. The lack of 555€ per month is difficult to fill with the music festival, and some punctual donations. For the moment we are not able to put funds aside to hope one day to buy a suitable piece of land (the land costs about 25 000€). Do not hesitate to take initiatives, it is all together that we co-finance this orphanage for years!

This is the end of this newsletter ! Many thanks to all of you for your support 🙂

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