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Our next step is to raise funds to build the orphanage on the land you financed! To make this step possible, we are increasingly structuring the project, both in terms of personnel and finances.

In terms of organisation on the spot, for some time now, we have needed to make a difference in terms of children being trained and working on the spot. Because even if the Peter Pan mode is fantastic and an incredible harmony emerges from the place and its inhabitants, managing a pigsty, a nursery school, a vegetable garden, cleaning, cooking... it's formative, but it takes time!

We decided to hire someone to help with the cooking and cleaning. (50,000 kyats per month, about 40€). We will increase his salary as soon as we have a little more money.

Also, with the arrival of Mary's second child, it became all the more obvious that we had to separate her family expenses. So we evaluated their family expenses (Mary-director, Adam-assistant, their two daughters) and turned them into salaries. This changes almost nothing in our expenses, but it is clearer! And until now we counted Julia (Mary's first daughter) and Vivi (her cousin) among the 26 children on the project, now they will no longer be taken care of by the association, but fully by Mary and Adam.

Still on the subject of personnel, Peter, whom some of you know, joins the project all the more as a computer and music teacher. He will also help the children to revise their lessons. At the moment we can't afford him and he's helping us on a voluntary basis. Like a friend of Adam's, who comes on Saturdays and Sundays to give math lessons to the elders.

Moreover, this need for structure and organization also touches on a very specific point of our project: self-sufficiency. Since the beginning, almost 10 years ago now, we have been keen to develop the self-sufficiency of the project, so as not to make the local population dependent. A little reminder (Adam, Hannah and Esther at the time!)

But today, the pigsty works well and is starting to generate a regular income (200€/month), yet it raises a question: is it better for the children to spend their time studying for a vast professional future, or is it better to focus more and more on the projects on the spot?

The answer is obvious: children should not spend too much time looking after the pigsty, the garden and the nursery school. So we choose the middle way, keeping these projects and continuing to develop new ones, but in a spirit of education for the children, not with a view to financing the orphanage in the long term.

And since we are on the subject, you should know that we had new births recently, a nice dozen little piglets!

In the next newsletter, we will discuss other developments that have taken place at the orphanage (internet and new computers) and the repercussions on our sponsorships!

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