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Dear godparents and generous donors, here is some news about the orphanage and the orphans you support!

In our last newsletter, you could see the children at the beach, accompanied by some volunteers. This year, the children will have spent time with 5 French people during the months of March-April: Marine, Sylvain, Alexis, Rafaëlle and Irénée, who helped them in most of the works and improvements you will discover below.

You probably remember the story of the 22 piglets, which we were not able to sell when they were small. In March, they were quite big, their sale brought us nearly 3000€. Encouraged by these results, we decided to reinvest some of this money in the pigsty. We built a new building, higher than the previous one and with a green roof, so that the pigs would have less heat, more space, and would not risk being flooded during the rainy season. We also raised the old pigsty and put a new roof on it.

Our two sows, Blessing and Cherry, are currently accompanied by 26 piglets, which we will keep until they are adults.

The barn premises are only a small part of the work done this summer. The kitchen floor has been paved, the roof has been enlarged and redone. We have added two sinks, to facilitate the cleaning tasks after meals.

Speaking of the kitchen, the children have also tested some new features this year. Apart from the usual pancakes that they love, they tasted fajitas, burgers and even an attempt at homemade Italian pasta!

The rest of the time, we ate Burmese style. We were also able to enjoy the catfish raised in the pond, a really delicious fish in the end! We will still remove the pond before the rainy season, as the rising waters make farming problematic. To avoid further flooding, the boys' dormitory has been moved to the top of the field and the girls' dormitory has been reinforced on the walls and roof.

Still for this famous rainy season, which lets you see its first drops as you read this newsletter, we have upgraded part of the land.

Among other works, we have also paved the road leading to the orphanage and enlarged the shower areas for girls and boys.

All these improvements involved physical work, but the volunteers helped as much as they could, and the children (especially the elders) were happy to do what they chose. Moreover, this project is increasingly taking the form of a small Peter Pan universe, where the children decide their daily lives and run their own orphanage. The first arrivals from 8 years ago decided to stay to fully invest themselves in the project, but, whatever the age of the children on the spot, the older ones always take care of the younger ones. They are all empowered, they all make decisions (the improvements for the rainy season come entirely from them!), we support them as much as possible while bringing them our know-how and the possibility to do training. The work may seem hard sometimes, but it is always done in a good mood, in song, and knowing that it is their project that they are building brick by brick, their home... thanks to your funds, don't forget it!

This first part of the newsletter presented the progress in terms of installation. Next week, we will present you the new orphans welcomed and some developments in terms of activities at the orphanage!

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