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Our newsletter shares with you the progress, evolutions, joys and possible problems of the orphanage.

It's a way to get closer to the project by learning about the events that make it what it is. We won't write you much (every 2-3 months), but we will try to plunge you into the heart of our daily life.

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Last Newsletter 27/02/2020

A few days ago we installed internet at the orphanage. It's something we've been waiting for for years and finally the 4G wifi box has appeared in Burma! Especially since a sponsor from Singapore has generously given us three new computers to boost the momentum, which we are now taking!

We will set up a "cultural" sponsorship at the beginning of April. It will give those who want the opportunity to share information with the orphans (football match, films, documentaries, photos, drawings, mook, YouTube tutorial, website where to find information, online courses, etc.).

And if the orphans want, they will be able to create a special link (videocall, message exchanges, etc.) with these godparents.

Video of the children taking their first steps in the world of internet and communication: (click on the picture to access the youtube video)

The objective of this sponsorship will be to encourage the children to open up to the world of computers and the Internet, while practicing English. Let's keep in mind that in Burma, a person who has know-how in these fields can find a good job easily.

This free cultural sponsorship will be formative for the children and will complement the collective financial sponsorship. By the way, many of you regularly participate in our jackpot and make one-off donations. If you wish to contribute to the financial stability of the project over the long term, the ideal is to transform a one-time donation into a monthly donation (sponsorship).

Joseph, one of our youngest orphans. Like 24 of his adopted brothers and sisters, his place of life and his education are based on sponsorships.

financial stability (sponsorships + projects linked to self-sufficiency on the spot)
organizational stability (staff on site and improvement of the children's daily life)
participation of foundations and companies to finance the premises

The purchase of the land takes a little time, but it's Burmese style! In the meantime, we are stabilizing the project in terms of finances and organization, to get closer to our next goal: the construction of the orphanage!

Above and below, some drawings made by the children on the spot,

illustrating their vision of the orphanage to come.


Thank you all and see you soon for our next newsletter!

Previous Newsletters 08/04/2019   12/04/2019   29/05/2019   07/06/2019   09/10/2019   18/10/2019   11/02/2019  19/02/2020