Helping minorities


Would you like to be part of our Social Constellation project? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Here is what you can expect from us if you participate in our initiative:


—> The financing of concrete projects, defined, implemented and run by you and for you, in the vein of your traditions. Here is an indicative list of themes that interest us:



food self-sufficiency

energy self-sufficiency

-the enhancement of your cultural heritage

-preservation of your territory and your natural environment

For us, the only watchword is self-management.
The funding provided each month will be 2/3 of a smig/salary suitable for the capital of the country where the project is developed, plus 1/3 depending on the answers given to the cultural questionnaires (see below).


—> The valorisation of your cultural data, and their safeguarding.

-This will involve using questionnaires to tell us more about you, your habits, your way of life, your culture: “How did you light your house before you had electricity? How did you cut a tree before you bought an axe or a saw? How did you wash before you bought soap? Each month there will be four questions of the type: “How did you do before …”.

Each month, the project participants will be asked to choose a common theme, and to express themselves freely on the subject. At the same time we will encourage you to share and discuss your answers together.

-The questionnaires will be available on the “Constellation social” app, which we have developed within the association; for those who do not have internet or a phone, the questionnaires will be available in paper format.

-The translation tool integrated in the app will also allow you to link with other members of our Social Constellation, and to share interests, intentions and initiatives.

Do you want to join us? Here are the important steps to keep in mind:


1) Introduction

First of all, the chief(s) of your village, as well as several individuals or families, must be motivated to launch this project and commit to participating in questionnaires to safeguard your traditions and value diversity.


2) Examination

Our team of volunteers will proceed to an in-depth examination of your application, according to your environment, your link to the land, the territorial anchoring of your traditions, as well as the cost of living on site.

3) The local leader: an essential task

You will choose a member of your community to represent you and guide you in the implementation of your projects. Ideally, this intermediary will be a person who speaks a common language (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese…), who has had experience of the city, of studies and of Western culture in his or her youth, and who would like to invest himself or herself in a permanent way in the development of your common heritage.

This local representative will receive online training from our association and will be responsible for the following tasks:

-Help you to familiarise yourself with the project and answer all your questions.

-Help you to save your cultural data by presenting the questionnaires and helping you to choose the themes.

-To guide you in the design, implementation and development of concrete projects in the vein of your traditions.

-Provide regular reports on the progress of your projects, so that we can be as useful as possible.

For this work, we undertake to remunerate the person in charge according to :

-the length and accuracy of the answers given to the questionnaires

the length and accuracy of the answers given to the questionnaires – the motivation provided to the participating villagers

4) The village chief: a special role

-We want him to be able to guide his community in the context of a world undergoing profound change.

We want him to be able to guide his community in the context of a rapidly changing world, -each month he will have to validate the skills registered on the app through the intermediary, before they are shared with the other participants in the project.

-In this way, he or she will be in a position of representation, determination, will, strength, decision making and possession of the skills and knowledge of his or her community – while the person in charge on the spot will be in a position of adaptation, energy for the project and connection with us and the people of our culture.

5) What happens to your information from the questionnaires

-The information from the questionnaires will help to safeguard your traditions, your ways of life, and to create links between individuals and groups of individuals while enhancing their diversity.

-The members of the association will be able to access the know-how that you share. The objective is to create a loop:

–> you share -preserve information on your know-how –>

–> the association’s members access this information and fund you –>

–> you receive this funding, to develop projects in the vein of your traditions –>

For more information on the Social Constellation initiative, go to the ‘Uniting through Diversity‘ tab.


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