The orphanage


The staff in Burma


Marie, in the photograph on the left, is the initiator of this charitable work.  Assisted by Tanya, in the photograph on the right, Marie is responsible for the care of the orphans and the management of the center. She is the motor of this project to which she has dedicated her life and devotes all of her time.



Center ground and buildings


Our center is in the Burmese countryside, a healthy place where the children can thrive.


The orphanage house has three rooms :

First common room: kitchen, living room and girl's dormitory at night.
Second common room: classroom, prayer room, and boys' dormitory at night.
Mary's small bedroom.


The rest of the living and working space is outdoors:

A shower for the boys, another for the girls.
A outdoor kitchen for cooking on a wood fire
A pig barn and a chicken coop


The activities at the center


Beyond ensuring that the children attend school, our center provides for their personal growth by offering numerous creative and character building activities.  Their access to three computers, a digital camera and a Gopro opens the door to the many possibilities offered by these technologies.


The vegetable garden, the orchard and the fields of flowers that circle the center provide the children a daily contact with Nature.  They develop both a green thumb and respect for the environment.


All of them learn how to cook, and they know exactly from where the food on their plates originates.  From the seed that they plant, to the harvesting of the fruits and vegetables, to the food preparation and the principles of good nutrition, they are conscious of the cycle in which they take part.


The pig farm and the piglets that are born there regularly also contribute to the pastoral setting and to the daily life of the center.  For the children, taking care of these animals constitutes a source of amusement and instills responsible attitudes and respect for the animal world.


In the center’s large playground, the children practice their favorite sports activities (soccer, basketball, volleyball, bicycling, badminton, etc.).


As for spirituality, they learn to love their neighbor and to have faith in life and in what life has to offer them.  Their discovery of spirituality is through Protestant beliefs, but for our non-profit organization, the children’s specific religious beliefs are not the subject.  When one’s purpose is to help children in need, one must look at the whole picture.  What is important is to believe in something, to believe in a better future.  And this, the children believe.  In the way the Burmese practice their faith, the children begin to know themselves.  In Burma, group prayers contain a long moment during which each person speaks as loud as he wishes, everyone speaking at the same time.  The children express their apprehensions, their fears, their desires and their hopes, setting free all their pent-up emotions.  The orphans face their problems and learn to deal with them.