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Help for orphans of Myanmar

In 2009 Irénée Deckers met Mary, a Burmese native who have an incredible will to help the orphans of her country out of misery. As early as 2010 Mary welcomed a first orphan with the support of Irénée.

The Burmese context of the last fifty years has created many orphans. To welcome more and more children, Irénée and Mary have constantly had to enlarge the premises that were lent to them. Joined by Raphaël and Antoine Deckers in 2015, they created the association Help for orphans of Burma, to further develop the project. Today, nearly 10 years later, the Deckers and Mary have been joined by a dozen French and Burmese volunteers, as well as about fifty sponsors. They have brought 26 orphans out of misery.

Yet the orphans today live in temporary facilities; the team has never had the means to buy land to build permanent permises, and they can't undertake anything sustainable on the current space since it is lent to them. But 26 orphans are under their responsibility, and it is only with you that they will be able to pass to a new stage: owning a piece of land, and building an orphanage with permanent premises, to allow the orphans to flourish in a healthy and sustainable environment.


The space that is currently lent to us

The orphans live in a precarious settlement in the Burmese countryside north of Yangon. The premises are regularly flooded during the rainy season. The tarpaulins tear, the roofs fly away. Such facilities are not at all suitable for a climate like Burma, with several months of monsoon and tropical storms. And inevitably, we feel responsible. It is we who put the orphans in these dormitories in plastic tarpaulins, but we had no choice. It was that or the street.

A crowdfunding to get out of this situation!


We did not take the orphans out of misery to plunge them into more ! Thanks to this crowdfunding and your investment, we will buy land and launch the construction of permanent installations. We will make an orphanage providing the conditions for safety, hygiene and care of the orphans.

The land costs € 25,000, it's expensive, right?

Land is very expensive in Burma. It is for this reason that we had to make all these precarious enlargements on a loaned space. We could never pass to the stage of purchasing land. But today, a neighbor is selling his land for 25 000 €. It is a plot of nearly 5000 m2, and an amazing opportunity for us since it would not uproot orphans and managers on site. And once the land acquired, we can construct durable facilities. This is a necessary step to sustain the project and provide healthy living conditions to all the orphans we take off of the street. And, the facilities will accommodate more children in the years to come.

Why donate for our project more than another?

" Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day.

Teach him to fish, and he will eat all his life. "


→ Since the beginning of the project 10 years ago, we have promoted the self-sufficiency of the orphanage. Our association does not seek to make the local population dependent on our help. On site we built a pigsty, a kindergarten, a vegetable garden, an orchard. Today, it is with you that we will be able to make the project even more durable by giving stable foundations to this orphanage.

→ This is really a "Peter Pan" project: the first orphans arrived ,became responsible on the spot, and the older ones are all responsible for the younger children. With our support, they develop the project themselves.

→ We are located in the countryside, but a few dozen kilometers from Yangon, the former capital of Burma. So we have the advantages of a big city and its infrastructure: health, hospitals, ..., education, university, training, ..., while having the advantages of the countryside: nature, orchard, vegetable garden, little pollution, healthy spaces ...

All the money you give goes directly to the orphans. All members of our association are volunteers.


Crowdfunding levels

25 000 € and more - Here we are with a stable and durable base!

The land is acquired, we give stable foundations to the orphanage. With the normal funding of the association plus the money from the crowdfiunding, we can directly build a number of durable buildings, for the new orphanage to take shape in a few weeks.

100 000 € and more - A pro job!

We buy the land and we call directly on professionals to build entirely an orphanage, stable, durable, where the orphans will be able to blossom. A main building, two dormitories, showers and toilets, a classroom, a computer and library room, an infirmary, and indoor and outdoor play areas will be built. Depending on the budget, we will be able to provide the orphanage with more self-sufficiency (energy - solar installation - food - livestock, large garden, orchard, etc.).


Discover more about the project

Understand the Myanmar context

Myanmar is a country of 53 million inhabitants, located in Southeast Asia and bordering Thailand, India, China and Laos. The climate is tropical, with a monsoon period from June to October, and many tsunamis affecting millions of Burmese. In addition to natural disasters, the country comes out of almost 50 years of dictatorship, which left a lot of scars. The government is busy making the transition to an increasingly democratic state, but is struggling to put in place the infrastructure to welcome and care for children in need.


Where do the orphans come from?

From everywhere in Burma, but mainly from Chin State and Shan State, two very poor and isolated regions. Most of our children are orphans because of the drug and fighting conflicts that have occurred in the country. The Shan State region is one of the most affected, it was home to the largest army of drug traffickers in the world. There are a lot of orphans in Burma. Before arriving at the orphanage, many were abused, abandoned to fend for themselves.


How do they arrive at the orphanage?

We have contacts in these areas, mostly pastors, who warn us when orphans have nowhere to go. When pastors meet these needy children, they keep them with them while they research their families. And if no one can take care of them, they come to our orphanage.


What do orphans do when they arrive at the orphanage?

They gradually find a child's life. They meet a big family, rebuild themselves. It's amazing how fast they can smile again. They are also supported in terms of health (vaccines, etc.), fed and housed of course. We allow them to go to school, they receive evening classes for upgrades. During holidays and weekends they also receive computer, English and music lessons. We encourage them to the end, to undertake higher education or to move towards training. They can stay with us at the orphanage until they are able to take their independence. It is by seeing what they become, that we find the strength to invest ourselves voluntarily in this project!


Who takes care of the orphans?

Mary, our on-site manager, and the first orphans who arrived nine years ago, Adam and Hannah, who are adults now. They are supplemented by the older orphans. On the spot, each elder is responsible for the younger orphans. The Deckers brothers and other French and Burmese volunteers have also been punctually assisting for years.


How is the project currently funded?

To provide for the 27 people on site (education, supplies, health, transportation, telecommunication, etc.) we have two money inputs:

Managers on-site develop the autonomy of the place with projects on site: a pigsty, a kitchen garden, a fish farm and a kindergarten. Each project is a training opportunity for the orphans while at the same time, being beneficial to the project. This projects earns 200 € / month for the orphanage.


From France, the association Help for orphans of Burma sends 2000 € / month: we receive 1300 € monthly thanks to sponsorships and fill the rest thanks to one-time donations. But because of that, it is impossible to put anything aside to collect 25,000 €.


One last word

The orphans look very happy, so I don't really need to help, right ?

We are often told that. Still, we are very positive and the orphans we welcome are too. But they lived for years on the street, some begged, others did all kinds of work to survive. Today, they are happy to be alive, to have found a big family where they feel safe. On the other hand, to offer them a solid and durable place to live, an orphanage that is not likely to fly or fall on them, that is the role of the parents, the responsible persons. For these orphans, it's our role, our responsibility.

Counterparties for your donations

Counterparties for your donations

Counterparties for your donations

Counterparties for your donations

Counterparties for your donations

Counterparties for your donations



Donate 5 $

Recompense: Your name and surname on a guestbook accessible in Burma. To enter the history of the orphanage forever!






Donate 25 $

Recompense:  Previous package + Photo of you on a hall of fame at the orphanage, so that children can put a face on their donors!






Donate 50 $

Recompense: Previous package + Autographed drawings from the orphans with many thanks!






Donate 100 $

Recompense: Previous package + a Magnet or a Macrame bracelet from the orphans!






Donate 200 $

Recompense: Previous package + Burmese bag and traditional dress (man or woman) + if desired, video interviews with orphans!






Donate 400 $

Recompense: Previous package + Package of discovery of Burmese specialties (spices, teas, cigars, tanaka ...) - or - If you or your loved ones spend a day in Burma, an invitation to the orphanage to eat with the children and meet them a day or a weekend!






Donate 1,000 $

Recompense: Previous package + Burmese statuette - or - Burmese musical instrument (Gong, golden bell, ...) + If you or your loved ones spend a day in Burma, an invitation to the orphanage for a few days and up to a month, to volunteer and meet the children!






Donate 2500 $

Recompense: Previous package + Visit to the center with a festive welcome, choir and children's dance + Meal with the founders + Invitation to join the association






If you do not want a recompense, you can simply choose the amount of your donation.