our ngo helping orphans in Myanmar

Our story

Aid for Orphans of Burma, registered in France as “Aide aux orphelins de Birmanie”, is an NGO created in 2015.  But it has now been five years since its members started working to protect Burmese children in danger, taking care of those in need.  And rightly so:  Burma has endured natural disasters, ethnic conflicts, and the havoc associated with drugs and drug trafficking.  Little by little, the country is approaching a stable democracy, and in this changing climate the Burmese people need help.  The mission of Aid for Orphans of Burma is to assume responsibility for the immediate needs of the children as well as to guide them in their education and self-fulfillment.

As a local organization we can respond rapidly and efficiently.  The totality of the donations we receive finances directly the necessities of the center.  The donations are used in a transparent manner, financing directly the orphans’ needs or the projects designed to further the evolution of the center and its self-sufficiency.  (Download the  statutes of the organization).


The Ngo

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