Sponsorship beyond words

Sponsorship "Beyond words"


Your donations will give all the children:  protection, a balanced diet, clean drinking water, health, hygiene, electricity, education, professional training, studies in higher education.

Personal exchanges with your sponsored child will develop:  his level of English, his openness and yours, his curiosity and yours, his knowledge and yours, his compassion and yours.

The sponsorship, “Beyond words”, is the motor of our non-profit organization.  It embodies our commitment to providing the orphans with hope and possibilities for their future.  And thanks to the curiosity, culture and openness that the sponsors personally bring to their sponsored children, each child will come to see farther, beyond conditions predetermined by a country in difficulty and an inexistent or absent family.  We have taken these needy orphans under our wing so that they can soar towards new horizons, and it is for each of their sponsors to show them that there is something much greater, a world beyond their imagination, beyond all the barriers that a mind searching for security is capable of creating for itself. You provide your sponsored child a doorway he can open to his future.

According to their capacities and their desires, the orphans can continue their education beyond public schooling.  The monthly donation of your sponsorship remains the same, thus contributing to balance the small costs of primary and secondary school classes with the much higher cost of university classes.

The sponsorship “Beyond words” lasts for an undetermined time.  You can end your sponsorship by simple request if you are unable to continue support of your sponsored child.  The child will be referred to another sponsor.

The sponsorship can continue during the entire education of the child until he finishes or stops his studies and becomes financially autonomous.  When your sponsored child becomes independent, it is possible for you to continue your exchanges with him.