Undertaking a sponsorship is the cornerstone of the project of Aid for Orphans of Burma.  When combined with our local income producing projects, the monthly sponsorship grants are the helping hands accompanying us on the road to self-sufficiency.  They are destined to cover the expenses that cannot be covered by the income producing projects at the center. 
We propose sponsorships covering a fixed lapse of time (1, 2, or 3 years) and sponsorships covering an unspecified period (ending on the sponsor’s request)

Sponsorship «Imagine a garden»

Help us garden for Nature and good health


You contribute to the development of the gardens and the grounds at the center.  You participate in the development of the children’s playground and sports field as well as the maintenance and improvement of the vegetable garden and orchard.

15€ per month, only 50 cents a day!


Sponsorship «It's elementary»

Help with the small essentials


You finance electricity and water for the center.  You contribute to the cost of the orphans’ food, and you supplement all the other sponsorships.  Your sponsorship is elementary!


5€ per month, only 17 cents per day!


Sponsorship «This little pig went to market»  

Help us on the road to self-sufficiency


You subsidize the center’s pig farm project.  You contribute to repairs or rehabilitation of the pigs’ barn, to the purchase of new pigs and piglets when necessary, to veterinarian expenses in addition to the monthly purchases of feed for the animals.  You contribute to the progress of a project whose goal is to attain financial self-sufficiency for the orphanage.

15€ per month, only 50 cents a day!


Sponsorship «For the community»

Contribute to the children's education


Your monthly donation supports all the children, as a community, at the center.  Your sponsorship is focused on the education and training of all the orphans, whom you take under your wing without distinction.  You participate in the expenditures for books, magazines, comic books and other materials related to reading and culture.  Your financial support for their education permits them to choose – beyond any pre-determined destiny – the life path they wish to follow.


30€ per month, only 1€ a day!


Sponsorship «Imagine a house»  

Help bring comfort and technology to our home


You finance the orphans’ living quarters.  You contribute to repairs or rehabilitation as well as improvements or additions to the buildings.  You contribute also to the purchase of furniture and equipment.

20€ per month, only 70 cents a day!



Sponsorship «Beyond words»  

Awaken a child to culture and personal development


This new type of sponsorship, interactive and creative, makes use of internet to foster sharing of their cultures between two individuals through videos, music, photographs and much more.  The exchange between the sponsor and his sponsored child is indeed “beyond words”.

30€ per month, only 1€ a day!



Customized monthly support

For any type of sponsorship

Opt for customized monthly support if you wish to stipulate the amount of your monthly donation, or if you prefer to set up a monthly wire transfer from your bank rather than from the payment platform of our site.