Support to Kanpyu village

The Irrawaddy is the great river that flows through Burma. In some areas, its banks are dotted with large sandy beaches where the locals grow peanuts.

It is in one of these rural villages that Corinne has been working for years (almost 20 years!). For several years now, her Burmese partner, Aung Bala, has been supporting her in her work and has been responsible for all the projects developed on site.

Both of them are working hard to give the villagers of Kanphyu a job. Other actions undertaken include the provision of training (sewing, etc.) and the purchase of fields to enable the villagers to grow crops.

They also help to educate children and accompany them until they are emancipated.

They also work to reduce the pollution of the Irrawaddy and its beaches, where the inhabitants live.

Today, Corinne and Aung Bala intend to invest even more in a project that is close to their hearts: the recycling of waste to build a useful building for the community (library, computer room, training room, etc.). This project will be divided into several stages

– collecting bottles and waste in the Irrawaddy and surrounding villages

– filling the bottles with the collected waste (which will make the bottles compact and allow them to be used as bricks). This work will be paid at 1000 kyats for 4 bottles, which will allow many households to survive, especially those currently unable to work because of the coronavirus crisis.

– Raising awareness among villagers and surrounding villages about waste pollution and the repercussions on water pollution and cultivated land, as well as on their lifestyle and the repercussions on their health.
– the setting up of training courses (sewing and others) for villagers in need.
– the setting up of English and computer courses for the children and villagers.

This project also aims to help Burmese people in need in remote areas. Corinne finances most of her humanitarian aid projects from her pension and sometimes finds it difficult to concentrate on fundraising for her organisation Isha Tanaka. She is the type of person who forgets her own needs for the benefit of others.
We decided to support her, mainly on projects related to education and recycling. We will participate in the construction of a first building made of recycled bottles, and the installation of a library and computers in the premises. From now on, we will keep you informed of the progress of this project, among others that we will propose you to discover in our next newsletters!