The orphanage now

The staff in Burma

Mary, in the photograph on the left, is the initiator of this charitable work. With the help of her team, including Adam and Hannah, she takes care of the orphans and manages the center. She is the motor of this project to which she has dedicated her life and devotes all of her time.

The premises of the center

Consisting of a building in hard and enlargements made gradually over the last ten years. These are precarious premises, made of plastic tarpaulins. We can't build any real infrastructure on this land that is lent to us.

The current ground plan:


We have launched a kitty of 25 000 € that will allow to buy a land and build a hard, a main building, two dormitories, spaces showers and toilets, a classroom, a computer room and library, an infirmary indoor and outdoor play areas. All the necessary to offer good conditions of care, hygiene and safety to the orphans collected. They will also have spaces to work, rest, play, learn; they can flourish on a daily basis in a healthy environment.

The premises that we will be able to do thanks to the crowdfunding :


The activities of the center

We lack the means to give them a stable place to live, but we are still able to meet their needs in terms of education and health. Our center also helps them to grow well by allowing them to engage in many creative and formative activities. Computers are at their disposal to awaken them to the world of technologies, so present in our society.

They all learn how to cook, and know exactly where the food comes from. From the seed they plant, to the picking of fruits and vegetables, to the preparation and nutrition, they are aware of the cycle in which they take part.

The pigsty and the small piglets that are born there regularly also contribute to the natural environment and the life of the place. Caring for animals is a source of fun and allows children to take responsibility while learning about other forms of life.

The small garden of the center allows them to practice some of their favorite sports activities (football, basketball, volleyball, cycling, badminton, etc.).

In terms of spirituality, they learn to love the others and to have faith in life, what it has to offer. It is by following the path of Protestantism that they awaken spiritually, but with respect to our association, regardless of their religion, their belief. When it comes to helping children in need, we need to look further. The important thing is to believe in something, to believe in a better future. And they believe. It is through faith that they manage to make a return on themselves. In Burma, prayers include a long time during which people speak alone, as hard as they want, and all at the same time. They express their fears, their fears, their desires, their hopes, and all the emotions they carry in them are discharged. Orphans face their problems and learn to treat them.