unite through diversity

Unite through diversity

Wherever we are, whoever we are, we are all stardust. Yet in today’s world, many of us have forgotten our roots, our connection to our natural origin. Yet nature is the very essence, the context that gives meaning to the cultural diversity and identity of our species. From marginalized tribes to remote villages, from small towns to large cities, we are the custodians of an incredible wealth, a fabulous cultural radiance: the social constellations.

Today, humanity is living a crucial moment in its history. The development and generalisation of the capitalist economic model, economic globalisation, cultural standardisation, the rise of individualism and colonialism have brought our civilisation to the brink of collapse. Global challenges such as climate change, ecosystem collapse, wars, inequality, and current and future population displacement require unprecedented mobilisation and collective action. But above all, this process must be accompanied by taking into account the cultural heritages of each individual and the resulting habits of life.

In order not to repeat the same mistakes as during the colonial era, we must learn to articulate our ways of functioning in the best possible way so that we can all mobilise and take back control of our society. It is time to seek a new balance in our lives; this involves our roots. We have a crucial need to learn from each other, especially from those who have preserved and been guided by the deep connection between their culture and the land, the context that gives it meaning. Therefore, we want to give minorities, marginalised groups, indigenous peoples a central and primary place in the Social Constellation. They are the stars who, through their cultural and identity influence, will be able to guide us through the great social, economic, political and environmental/climatic upheavals to come.

To face the unprecedented loss of identity that affects all human societies, we propose a concrete approach that aims to value the rich cultural heritage of each individual, to create links between individuals through their diversity and to articulate all differences so that they function together in a virtuous way within society. To do this, we have developed a digital tool that converts each person’s cultural heritage into a real power of action, and thus allows each person to have a concrete impact on their environment. This is the Social Constellation application, which aims to safeguard personal cultural data and invites users to enhance them around common identities, interests and initiatives.

To make this project a success, we need you. You are at the heart of our initiative, and the engine of the change we believe in. Unlike other western initiatives, we want to have minimal influence, and leave you in control, as designers and actors of this project/change.

By joining our Social Constellation, you will be invited to enhance your heritage and develop initiatives to meet your own needs in the vein of your traditions. To this end, you will choose a member of your community to represent you with us and guide you in the implementation of your projects. Ideally, this intermediary would be a person who has had experience of the city, studies and Western culture in his or her youth, and who would now like to be involved with you on a long-term basis. For us, the only watchword is self-management. You are free to decide on the content, duration and methods of setting up such projects, as long as they connect you to the land and enhance your cultural heritage.

For more than 10 years, the association Social Constellation has been developing concrete initiatives in close collaboration with the local population. In particular, the association has carried out a self-managed orphanage project where children from different ethnic groups are supported in their education and development and manage to function together in a remarkable way.

Strengthened by this experience and drawing lessons from the actions carried out, the association now wishes to develop its action in other countries and to support other communities on the road to self-sufficiency.