Working together


You may support Aid for Orphans of Burma by donating toys, board games or books (in English), CD’s, DVD’s (in English or with English subtitles), and, excepting clothes, anything you would like to give to the orphans! Below are suggestions of items that you might like to send, or you may want to send a donation for the purchase of certain of them.
Send what you would like to donate to the charity’s address in France:
Aide aux orphelins de Birmanie, 440 Chemin de st-Martin, 13090 Aix en Provence, France
There being very poor postal service in Burma, our volunteers will bring the donated items to the orphanage in Burma when they are making a trip there. If you are planning a trip to Burma and wish to help us deliver items to the orphanage and meet the orphans, please contact us at


Buying a washing machine


Living in the country, the children grow in a healthy environment where they discover Nature’s wonders and participate in various creative and physical activities.  But this life outdoors does have its drawbacks.  Dust and mud are also part of the daily life of the center’s residents!  All their clothes are washed by hand, taking, on the average, an hour a day for the eleven residents of the orphanage.  This constitutes a considerable amount of time, and, quite often, stains remain!

So that the children can be properly dressed in clean clothes – especially for school – we hope to acquire a washing machine.


The price of this purchase? 250 €

Working towards self-sufficiency!

Buying pigs


In 2011, as the result of a crowdfunding campaign, we financed the construction of a pig barn and the purchase of a sow, who gave birth to seven piglets.  The money assembled was not sufficient to buy additional pigs although the installation can house ten more!  The majority of the sow’s piglets must be sold immediately to contribute to the expenses of the center.  This slows the rate of accumulation of livestock.

Today our ambition is to have more pigs at the center – ideally at least ten more.  This would stabilize the reproduction rate and allow us to have enough piglets to keep a portion for breeding and to sell a portion as a source of supplementary financing for the center.


The price of this purchase? 45€ per pig



Building a chicken coop and buying poultry


To reduce our daily expenses, saving money on food purchases, we hope to build a chicken coop on the grounds of the center.  A brick construction due to the humid Burmese climate, it will protect the chickens from inclement weather.


The price of this purchase? 380€



Buying solar panels


Electricity distribution is inadequate in Burma, especially in remote areas far from large cities.  Several times a day, black-outs occur due to electrical power failures.  The children are immersed in total darkness and must use candles in order to study, read and eat in the evenings.  These outages can last several days, introducing uncertainty in the children’s life at the center.  Daily activities are transformed into difficult tasks.  Also, tariffs for this electricity are quite variable, introducing much uncertainty in our budget.

To bring enough stable power to electrify the center at all times, in addition to contributing to our self-sufficiency, we hope to acquire a 5kW hybrid solar panel system.


The price of this purchase? 7000€

First, a home !

Buying the land and the center


We rent the land and buildings of the center, whose owner is interested in selling to us.  In addition to the land, the property includes two houses, one occupied by the orphans and Marie, the vice-president of Aid for Orphans of Burma.  The other house receives volunteers.  The property in the Burmese countryside is five kilometers distant to a small village.  On the grounds, the children play in a secure environment, practicing sports on the playground, and the two houses fill perfectly the needs of our project:  one for the orphans and one for the people who care for them.

For the moment, the rent permitting us to occupy this property is truly problematic for two reasons.  First, a large part of our monthly budget is spent on it, at 260€ per month.  Second, and most worrisome, is that improvements to the buildings and grounds undertaken to better the children’s living conditions instill each time in us the apprehension that the owner will decide to return to his property, seeing it so much improved at our expense.

To assure a permanent living space for the orphans and to be able to make plans for the future, we want to acquire the land (50mX50m) with the two houses.


The price of this purchase? 36000€